I love the videos of laughter that are seen on the internet, but you have to distinguish between those that are real and those that are created with computers, which are seen in the league that are very little credible. Many of the videos that are promoted in the you tube that is usually where I see that kind of videos, they promote them as you will not stop laughing but many times the quality of the grace of those videos is very low, they should deceive less to users of you tube.

There is a class of videos that does not matter how many years pass and how many versions you see, they always continue to grace you, like when a child ties a string to a cord that attaches to the doorknob to pluck a tooth, a classic, I can see them Eighty times I will continue laughing as the first time I saw it, without caring about the consequences of the protagonist of the video.

I understand that not everyone likes this kind of videos, but there are many people who get bored a lot, because to make that kind of video or it is very boring or is that the protagonists of those videos are not very normal, because that there are a lot of videos in which the protagonists seem to lack a boil or a couple of springs.

How many videos are there of people throwing themselves from the roof of their house to snow or a pilates ball? Well, believe it or not there are a lot of videos of that style, although we must recognize that the vast majority of the protagonists of these videos tend to be Americans of the deep America, which is already known that it is not that they are especially intelligent. Although I hope they do not stop making videos of these that as far as I’m concerned I’ll keep laughing like crazy.

The videos that continue without being funny are the ones that leave babies and animals doing strange things, I can not understand why people are so funny when they do not have it.